Holbeach Cemetery Chapels Trust

Tel: 07501 823993 holbeach-cemetery-chapels

Email: info@holbeachcemeterychapels.org.uk

Web: http://www.holbeachcemeterychapels.org.uk

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We offer lots of exciting workshops such as photography, learning heritage skills, family history research, and exploring the fascinating environment and ecology of the cemetery.

The Trust aims to develop the future sustainability of the Chapels, including plans to refurbish and renovate the buildings. Heritage Lincolnshire and the Trust hope that the project will raise awareness and generate enthusiasm with local people who will then wish to ensure the Chapels survive and the surrounding area is well cared for.

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Holbeach & East Elloe Hospital Trust

Boston Road North, Holbeach, Spalding, PE12 8AQ  logo

Tel: 01406 422283

Email: info@holbeach-hospital.org.uk

Web: http://www.holbeach-hospital.org.uk

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A warm welcome awaits you at Holbeach and East Elloe Hospital.  The hospital is set near the rural market town of Holbeach and is surrounded by mature gardens and open fields.  Our hospital provides a range of care options to suit your needs.

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Berkley Owls

Tel: 07969 793382  Berkley Owls

Email: info@berkleyowls.com

Web: http://www.berkleyowls.co.uk

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Berkley Owls rescues owls and, over time, has learnt how to care for them after they’ve had treatment at the vets.   Injuries as a result of a traffic incident can be more serious than first appears because owls have fragile eyes that can be easily damaged.


Web: http://www.troops2trades.org.uk Troops2Trades logo (2)

Troops to Trades CIC has been established to give assistance and support to ALL uniformed service veterans and armed forces personnel to make the transition to civilian employment.  This transition assistance can either be at end of their service or during their rehabilitation having suffered illness or injury as a result of their service duty.

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Pennygate Foundation

Address:    Pennygate Foundation
204 Pennygate, Spalding,
Lincolnshire PE11 1LT

Phone:  01775 421001

Email: hedgerows123@hotmail.co.uk

Web: http://www.pennygatefoundation.co.uk

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Cafe and Meals On Wheels  Pennygate Foundation Cafe

We run a friendly and informal café based on donations for drink and food consumed, with allowances for those that are financially disadvantaged. We also provide ‘Meals on Wheels’ to people who are unable to get out to the café at a very competitive rate. Volunteers within the café can gain valuable experience, skills and certification.

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