Getting the most from your Domestic Oil Tank


With current oil prices dropping rapidly from recent high prices many householders are looking at upgrading existing storage tanks to bigger capacities. This makes economic sense as buying bigger volumes means you can lock in to even lower prices meaning you get more fuel for the same money. Modern plastic tanks come in all shapes and sizes with many now bunded (a tank within a tank) for extra security against potential leaks and the risk of polluting water courses. To our customers we offer tanks with or without bottom outlets making them more secure from unwanted attention and they come with lockable lids, plus watchman sonic level indicators which means you know what level your fuel is at without leaving your home. Continue reading


Discover and enjoy the benefits of Forever living Products aloe vera and sports product range


foreverliving-logo_5As we begin a new year, many people will have decided on new year’s resolutions and one of the most popular goals is to get fitter and healthier ! With this in mind here is some information which you may find useful :

Did you know that you can drink aloe vera? : More and more people are discovering the benefits of drinking the gel of this amazing plant !

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Intent & Purpose of Exercise. Why do we do it?

Joe Sharman - No Excuses PT

For everything we do there has to be an intent or purpose for doing it. Without a purpose you’re just drifting and hoping for something to happen, but will probably not recognise what it is if does happen because you don’t know what that something is.

Once you’ve established your intent, your purpose, your goal or whatever other name you wish to call the place you are moving towards. Intent and purpose must cascade downwards to all aspects required to achieve the main objective.

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