Tips on how to beat those winter colds and viruses


Firstly let me say that getting the odd cold is a sign of a healthy immune system so don’t think your immune system is compromised if you end up with one.  However, there are ways of making sure it goes quickly and also ways to make sure you keep the majority of colds and winter bugs away. Here is what I have in my ‘medicine cabinet’

Echinacea – great for supporting the immune system. Take it at the first signs of a cold or bug. I use a tincture and tea bags with it in.


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Going Barking Mad? Here’s what to do…

Barking is only the symptom of the underlying motivation and the way to prevent or stop it is to alter the need to bark. For example, if your dog barks at unfamiliar dogs or people because it is frightened of them you must teach the dog that there is nothing to be frightened of; or if your dog barks to regain contact with you you can teach it to be more comfortable being left alone.

If the reason why your dog is barking is not obvious to you it is important to seek the help of a behaviour specialist, such as a member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors, because they will be able to help you understand the motivation. A behaviour specialist will also be able help you create a treatment plan to reduce the need to bark and introduce some training techniques to help you manage the behaviour.

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Safer Spalding – Launched

Safer Spalding Campaign

A campaign is being launched to support and encourage responsible retailers in the sales of alcohol and as a consequence to help tackle street drinking in Spalding.

Cllr Malcolm Chandler is backing the Safer Spalding campaign

The Safer Spalding scheme is a joint working initiative aimed at reducing the harmful impact of anti social behaviour linked to street drinking by sharing good practice. Continue reading


How to Get your Phone to Ring

Over the last few years the way people access the web has changed. A potential client may access the web on any number of devices throughout even a single day. So your website needs to be viewable on any screen size to give visitors to your website an optimal viewing experience.

In 2013 60% of consumers searched for local businesses on their smartphone (2013 Mobile Marketing Statistics by LocalVox – )

The solution is commonly known as a “Responsive Website” resizes and re-proportions itself according to the device browsing it. It makes your site fully readable and images and menus resize themselves in a familiar way so that people navigating via keyboard, mouse, finger-swipe etc on various devices do not strain their eyes in trying to read tiny text.

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