Sarah’s Bushel Boxes

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Sarah’s Bushel Boxes is based in South Lincolnshire. We provide authentic looking boxes for a variety of purposes.

To give them the real authentic look, there is a 5/ deposit printed on the ends of our boxes. The bushel boxes are reproduction using an original printing machine over 50 years old. The timber used on our products are sourced from Certificated Sustainable Wood sources.

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British Breaktime Books


Serenity Crane, the author has a wide experience of life, a military career which comprised the most  British Breaktime Booksunusual tours, including; Physical, Psychological/Emotional and Educational rehabilitation, of all service personnel, wives and families as well as civilians. The author is widely traveled and had a career in teaching a wide variety of academic and physical subjects. With a large family the driving force behind the writing is to leave a legacy for future generations. The author’s humour, wide range of knowledge and creative flair have combined to produce some amazingly naïve, interesting and wonderfully complex tales. The unexpected is assured and each book is completely different from the last.




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